We are a management consulting company that aims to confidently innovate systems and develop management practices in start-ups and small to medium enterprises in order to have more intelligent operations in a modern setting.


Our goal of innovating systems and develop management practices has a coexistence of mental wellness. People work more efficiently when their mental state is at ease. Aside from being passionate of their work, mental wellness is derivative from having an organized work pace and when they are being led well.


Tiarra De Soto

Meet the

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De Soto is a feminist, mental health advocate, and youth leader. Graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a degree of History. 

She's best known as the former National Vice President for Outgoing Exchange in AIESEC in the Philippines — the largest youth run leadership organization in the world.


Brief Background

She spent the last couple of years (2015-present) being developed as a leader and also developing other leaders. Her knowledge and passion for organization and leadership sparked the idea of this business. Being a mental health advocate, she believes that  having a more organized work dynamic and better leadership in the company can improve the mental health of the people in the work force.